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Rashid Ali Al-Ali

Rashid Ali Al-Ali

Senior Vice President – International Data Business, E&

Rashid Ali Al-Ali holds the position of Senior Vice President of International Data Business within the Carrier & Wholesale Services (Group C&WS) division at e& (previously Etisalat Group).

With a distinguished career that spans over two decades in the telecom wholesale sector, Al-Ali has been instrumental in steering the international wholesale operations at e&. His expertise encompasses a range of areas including International Sales, Business Development, and Marketing, specifically in the wholesale domain. At present, he leads   the International Data Business unit, coordinating efforts across e&'s global offices in the UAE, London, and Singapore. Under his leadership, the International Data Business segment is committed to delivering a broad array of wholesale data services, aligning its objectives with the overarching strategies of e&. Al-Ali's strategic foresight and in-depth knowledge have significantly contributed to the enhanced profitability and expansion of e&.

Al-Ali's tenure in the wholesale field is marked by a series of achievements, such as establishing the inaugural International Sales across e& and Etisalat's offices in the UAE, London, and Singapore; spearheading a collaborative venture with leading hyperscalers, telecom firms, and other key international entities; elevating e&'s status as a prominent global partner; breaking into new markets; and achieving a key milestone in proliferating e&'s presence beyond the UAE.