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Khairul Liza Ibrahim

Khairul Liza Ibrahim


Khairul Liza has over 25 years of experience in Strategy, Product Development and Network Technology and Development. Currently, she is spearheading the Product and Marketing division reporting to the Executive Vice President of TM Global. Her main focus is to drive TM Global’s products and services for both  domestic  and international business, especially in exploring new business opportunities. In addition, she is also responsible for developing strategic marketing plan for TM Global’s products and solutions. 

Khairul Liza joined TM in 1992 and was assigned under Network Technical services division. She gained her knowledge and technical expertise when assigned under Network Technology and Development divisions for about 9 years. In January 2007, she joined the Product Development & Management division, TM Global, and was responsible for developing new products and services. She was then assigned to lead and manage Next Generation Network (NGN) and IP Product Development. 

She was one of the pioneers for the development of Malaysia’s high-speed broadband (HSBB) network, a Public-Private Partnership with the Malaysian Government where she was entrusted in developing wholesale HSBB services that provide open access to the HSBB network for the eligible Malaysian service providers. With her experience and credibility in handling big project, she was then appointed as the General Manager of Business Strategy & Management, TM Global, in 2011. She assumed the role of Vice President, Product & Marketing, TM Global from February 2020 till present. 

Khairul Liza holds a Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Electrical Engineering from the Malaysia University of Technology. She has also attended various leadership programmes, including Strategic Board Leadership Programme (in collaboration between Multimedia University and Henley Business School) as well as Digital Transformation Journey Programme by IMD Business School. She was recognised as Capacity Media’s ’20 Women to Watch’ in 2020, a power listing that honoured the top 20 Women leaders in the wholesale telecom sector.