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Andrew Lindsey

Andrew Lindsey

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, FLEXNODE

Andrew Lindsey is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Flexnode, a digital infrastructure company delivering the next generation of distributed, high-performance data center solutions for ‘go-anywhere’ capacity. At Flexnode, Andrew is collaborating with industry leading colleagues and best-in-class strategic partners to design and operate modular, liquid-cooled, micro data centers to meet rapidly growing global data demand at the network core and edge. 

Andrew previously served as the Director of Applied Research and Development at Alpha Corporation, a multidisciplinary design and construction consulting firm headquartered in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. While working with Alpha, Andrew has supported the development and implementation of innovative solutions to critical building and infrastructure problems in domestic and international markets with an emphasis on sustainability and resilience in the built environment. 

Throughout his career, Andrew has collaborated with a broad cross section of industry leaders in an effort to support long-term solutions to a range of challenges in media, healthcare, education and most recently the built environment. To support these efforts, Andrew has emphasized integrating solutions across markets by connecting communities and using technology as a conduit and translator.