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Panel: Are connectivity requirements for new scale compute campuses being met?

15 May 2024
Digital Infra Stage
Data Center

Escalating demands for cloud services, IoT proliferation, AI advancements, and the digitization of industries have intensified the need for highly interconnected data centres. The digital infrastructure ecosystem is converging to facilitate seamless connectivity from the cloud to the edge, but there are inherent challenges of speed, scalability, and security to grapple with. This session will discuss:

  • Are efficient network interconnect points becoming a rare commodity? and if so, how is hub scarcity being mitigated?
  • How is the rise in data traffic, location concentration, and fierce competition for high-bandwidth connections impacting decision-making?
  • Are connectivity solutions diverse enough?
  • How is scalability being prioritised, and how are these requirements being catered for?
Charles Orsel des Sagets, Managing Partner, EMEA and LATAM - CAMBRIDGE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING
Baharul Nizam Said Daliman, VP - TM GLOBAL
Eli Scher, Chairman - OPEN-IX
Chris Downie, CEO - Flexential
Will Scott, VP of Sales - TELEHOUSE EUROPE
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