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Fishbowl: Is A2P on the road to becoming obsolete?

16 May 2024
Engage Stage
Messaging & SMS

Those who’ve been directly involved in the A2P messaging space for years talk about it being worth tens of billions. This however pales into insignificance when compared with spend on the likes of digital advertising. So, what is the way forward? The session will discuss:

  • Is the lucrative environment still there?
  • Has the spectre of fraud broken the trust in A2P irreparably?
  • How is competition from alternative channels being fought off?
James Williams, Founder & CEO - MRCONNECTIVITY
Eli Katz, Founder & CEO - XCONNECT
Chanderhas Rana, Chief Business Development Officer - BANKAI
Yasser Waheed, Director, Global Carrier Partnerships - TELESIGN
Pablo Mlikota, Senior Vice President – International Mobility Services - E&
Pallavi Kudtarkar, Executive Director - GLOBE TELESERVICES
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