Atlanta is a surprising hub of innovation and enterprise, across an array of areas such as transportation, building developments, music, and cuisine.

In recent months, the city has also become an early adopter of the Bird scooter – an electronic scooter made available to the public, designed for those tricky journeys that aren’t quite a drive, but feel too long for a walk. 

Building developments and co-working spaces like Atlanta Tech Village are a burgeoning hive of activity. Since its establishment, “Villagers” is now home to more than 300 start-ups, with a plethora of events and courses such as ‘Startup Summer School’ and a Pre-Accelerator programme. As well as the usual workspace and networking facilities, it provides a base for innovative thinking, new business models, and emerging technologies to thrive.

The music and culture of the city has always pushed at the boundaries, from the ever-changing art scene on the Westside, to Little Five Points on the Eastside, where you’ll find feminist bookstores like Charis Books nestled amongst “brewpubs” and record shops. 

In the 90s, the face of hip hop was forever changed by the new sounds of the “Dirty South”, which did much to topple the New York/LA duopoly of the time. Rap eccentrics like Arrested Development and OutKast created a space where artists like Childish Gambino (and his excellent off-kilter hip hop sitcom Atlanta) can still thrive today.     

Meanwhile, local chefs continually fuse old traditions with new methods. You’ll find exquisite dishes rolled out on carts to your table at the Gunshow. Classic pizza from Naples topped with finest brisket from Heirloom Market BBQ at The Local Pizzaiolo. You will also find socially-minded groups like The Food Well Alliance working with communities to build a new local food system that is innovative (as well as tasting incredible!) – building city farms, growing healthy local produce, and creating a sustainable resource to feed the city.

We can’t wait for you to experience this vibrant, forward-thinking city for yourself.


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