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Thomas Tyler

Thomas Tyler

Deputy Director, CONNECTLA
With over a decade of experience in technology strategy, cybersecurity affairs, economic development, and public policy disciplines, Thomas is a visionary and impactful leader who drives innovation and transformation in the digital space. As the Deputy Director for Louisiana’s Office of Broadband Development and Connectivity (ConnectLA), he oversees key initiatives and functions ranging from policy and government relations to strategic planning and grant program administration, with the goal of alleviating the digital divide and enhancing the quality of life for Louisiana residents.

Thomas has a proven track record of delivering results and creating value for diverse stakeholders, both in the public and private sectors. He has received national recognition from various organizations, such as the US Department of Commerce, Pew Charitable Trusts, National Governors Association, and the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report, for his thought-leadership and stewardship of some of the most impactful investments the state has made in its communities over the past several years. He is also a certified information systems auditor (CISA) and a sought-after speaker and advisor on topics such as data privacy, security, and regulatory strategies, digital inclusion, smart cities, and digital media and software development.