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Kathryn de Wit

Kathryn de Wit

Project Director, Broadband Access Initiative, THE PEW CHARITABLE TRUSTS

Kathryn de Wit directs Pew’s broadband access initiative, which works to accelerate efforts to connect millions of Americans to affordable, reliable high-speed internet. In addition to working with policymakers, researchers, and other stakeholders to improve policy outcomes, de Wit’s work also includes addressing research gaps and bringing together stakeholders for data-driven discussions about how to ensure that every American benefits from universal connectivity.

Before joining Pew, de Wit was an associate with Booz Allen Hamilton, where she focused on broadband deployment, organizational management, and public affairs. She was also a senior fellow with the Heinz Endowments, leading projects on youth philanthropy and community engagement.

De Wit holds bachelor’s degrees in communications and sociology from Penn State University and a master’s in public administration from the University of Pittsburgh.