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Panel: Is Quad-versity the new norm when building large-scale critical services?

15 May 2024
Digital Infra Stage
Subsea Connect

For the stakeholders in core infrastructure ownership, the planning, construction, and delivery of mission-critical networks is a constantly evolving process. How are the most prominent players ensuring success through innovation of thought, practice, and technology? This panel will focus on several important topics including:

  • The benefits of managed optical fiber networks (MOFN) and open CLSs
  • The significance of diversity in planning new network deployments
  • The steps owners and operators are taking to prepare for the opportunities and challenges posed by AI
Erik Kreifeldt, Principal Analyst - TELEGEOGRAPHY
Sarah McComb, Principal, Global Network Acquisition & Planning - Amazon
Jon Hudson, Network Investment Manager - Meta
Ciaran Delaney, Chief Operating Officer - EXA INFRASTRUCTURE
Martin Reilly, Senior Consultant - CIENA

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