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Panel: What steps are being taken to restore trust in international communications?

16 May 2024
Transformation Stage
Regs & Compliance

Illegal and unwanted calls are a global problem, and according to the Hiya global call threat report, 7.3 billion suspected spam calls took place in Q4 2023, up from 6.55 billion spam calls in Q3 2023. The size of the challenge for the national regulatory authorities and industry players can’t be underestimated and is amplified when combating fraudulent communications arriving through international gateways. This session, which brings together One Consortium members and public authorities, will discuss the path forward to building global cooperation between the industry, regulators and law enforcement to fight scams and nuisance communication, addressing the following questions:

  • How large and complex is the threat to public trust?
  • Who are the main stakeholders combating this threat, their respective roles, and the challenges they face ?
  • How can the industry contribute to the fight against fraudulent calls ? How can the industry, working with the other stakeholders, define, deploy and enforce an efficient toolbox globally?
  • What aspects require intricate co-ordination and co-operation between industry, NRAs and law enforcement? And how is this collaboration realised on a global scale?
Philippe Millet, Founder and Chairman - i3Forum
Linda Vandeloop, AVP Regulatory Affairs - AT&T
Andrew Bale, CEO - WAVECREST
Rich Goldberg, Deputy Director, Consumer Protection Branch - U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE
Daniel Stepanicich, Assistant Division Chief, Unwanted Communications - FCC
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