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Panel: From APIs to (Gen) Z - the carrier automation growth story

15 May 2024
Transformation Stage
Future Networks

The automation of everyday functions and repetitive processes such as the configuration, management, deployment, and operation of physical and virtual devices within a network, improves service availability and customer experience. To reach the potential, operators must overcome implementation hurdles and ensure informed decision-making. This panel will explore:

  • Which inter- and intra-provider APIs to build out and the implementation challenges
  • How are smart contracts and blockchain being adopted to deliver telecom services?
  • APIs to align with Gen Z’s specific needs and preferences as developers, employees, and customers


Jessie H. Pham, Senior Principal - FTI DELTA
Bertold Frech, VP Business Steering & Marketing - DEUTSCHE TELEKOM
Jeremy Villalobos, CEO - ORCHEST
Ameya Talwalkar, President, CEO and Founder - CEQUENCE
Kevin Vachon, Chief Operating Officer - MEF
Raj Brahmbhatt, CEO - ZEEBU
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