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Seminar Programme

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Innovation Hub

15 May 2024
Transformation Stage
Future Networks

Join us for a series of quick-fire presentations on new network innovations changing the industry. If you have an innovation to share, contact the team today.

Sage Networks - DDoS cyberattacks as an anti-competitive strategy among ISPs

The Brazilian market has evolved to a level where DDoS cyberattacks have become the norm. With 20 thousand different ISPs with a mature customer base that is no longer growing, in the fight for the market some providers have started to attack their competitors beyond marketing, low prices and promotions. They use DDoS attacks to shut down competitors and cause cancellation of their subscribers. What lessons does this scenario hold for network operators around the world? How to provide IP capacity and transit services where DDoS with its traffic surges are the rule and not the exception? Ayub, CTO of Sage Networks, will share these experiences for network operators across Latin America to learn from the Brazilian case

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