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Panel: How is AI revolutionising data centre design?

15 May 2024
Digital Infra Stage
Data Center

AI is driving a massive amount of data demand, which is great news for the digital infrastructure industry. For example, Nvidia, maker of AI super chips, reported that Q2 2023 data centre revenue was up 171% YoY. The merger of cloud data centres with exascale supercomputing, specifically for AI applications, is reshaping what we know about data centre designs, and working out how preparations for AI requirements will impact the balance sheet is a difficult task. This session will explore:

  • What kind of densities will data centres need to be prepared for?
  • What does it mean for project deadlines and planned builds?
  • What are the constraints and how can they be managed?
Kemal Hawa, Shareholder, Co-Chair of Digital Infrastructure, Data Center & Cloud Computing Industry Group - GREENBERG TRAURIG
Nathan Blom, Chief Commercial Officer - ICEOTOPE
Scott Mills, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Customer Solutions - DIGITAL REALTY
Doug Loewe, CEO - KAO DATA
Leanne Starace, SVP Global Technical Sales & Solutions - EQUINIX
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