As industries come together to advocate for a more gender-balanced world, there still remains a shortage of women in the tech and telecom sectors, with less than 20 percent of those U.S. jobs held by women today. Although traditionally male-dominated, the telecommunications industry is collectively focused on effective recruiting initiatives that hope to attract highly skilled, talented women to enter the workforce. These initiatives aim to empower, inspire and educate women as they explore and advance on careers in the telecom space.

As a leader for many of these initiatives, Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA) recently held a virtual roundtable titled, "Adding Women in our Telecom and Data Center C-Suite." The all-female discussion delves into the many deterrents women face when considering a career in tech and telecom, offers first-hand accounts from industry leaders on how they combatted these obstacles, and presents actionable insight for how to prevail and ultimately be a voice within the tech and telecom c-suite.

Marci Nigro, Partner of Technology Executive Group (TEG), moderates the below JSA Virtual CEO Roundtable with top industry female executives, including Charlotte Laurent-Ottomane, Executive Director for 30 Percent Coalition; Annie Corbeil, Senior VP and Chief Financial Officer at eStruxture; and Karin Richner, Technical Account Manager for Plex Systems.

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