More and more global companies are seeing Mexico as a strategic country to bring in foreign direct investment. Every day, international companies are coming to work with a state-of-the-art technology offering, infrastructure ready and available to interconnect partners across the country and the rest of the world.

To better understand this, redIT, a telecommunications company, and a wholly owned subsidiary of KIO Networks Group, shared five key points that a company should consider to choose a carrier in Mexico.

1.- High availability: the offer in the connectivity services of a carrier must be of high capacity. An important element is to find carriers that have SLA of 99.95% or more, in order to guarantee carriers mission critical business apps with unlimited transmission speeds.

2.- Competitive prices: many carriers prefer to base their offer on quality of service, however, in Mexico they offer very competitive prices, with flexible options on offer and customer needs.

3.- Experience: undoubtedly this is a factor that determines the operation of data networks, the range of options is great. Find who is the best in delivery time, just experience can afford it.

4. Quality of service: identifies services that include dedicated Internet access (DIA), Ethernet private line (EPL), MPLS, telecommunications room, unified communications and a number of other value added services. In Mexico, some carriers even offer data center services, cloud computing, managed IT services, high data, security and application management.

5.- Coverage: Many Mexican carriers have a presence in the main international telecom ports in the US, which is an advantage since they can interconnect their services with international carriers. Another advantage in this issue is that having the points of presence interconnected with each other, allows to have redundancy in the routes to Mexico.

Thanks to this infrastructure, the companies ensure, through different alternatives, adequate management and storage of their data while entering all types of communication options with the outside.

The world of connectivity predicts that in the coming years there will be a strong consolidation of the telecommunications market in Mexico and the world, making the digital transformation of companies directly from how organizations manage to connect with their environment.