Modern day world consumes an ever increasing amount of data, with Worldwide Internet Bandwidth almost doubling every two years for the foreseeable future. This demand is caused by the explosion of mobile device usage, and business shifting towards Cloud Services to store their data.

Submarine cable is the critical infrastructure supporting this trend of increasing global data usage. 20 thousands km of submarine cable were installed in 2016 and 3 times more in 2017. The network connects every continent other than Antarctica, carrying your e-mails, photos, videos and emoji around the globe. Development of this global network infrastructure is essential in order to keep pace with personal and business demands to support the greater demand of voice & data usage as well as to deliver on the roll-out of 5G technology. 

The two major spotlights of this cable development will be in Asia and Africa.

In Asia, China’s new “Belt and Road Initiative” focus on connectivity and cooperation among countries between China and the rest of countries, to boost the rapid development of subsea infrastructure as well as terrestrial and point of presences. Potentially $2BN of new cable system will be built over 5 years to connect the Belt and Road regions. The newly invested cables will be connected to existing SMW5 and AAE-1 submarine cable systems, China Unicom’s China-Myanmar International (CMI) terrestrial cable system, enabling not only sufficient bandwidth but also diverse cable routes to boost the region’s international internet connectivity. 

In Africa, China Unicom’s transatlantic SAIL submarine cable will be the first cable system with low latency & large capacity. It links Africa & South America and is planned to land at Fortaleza & Kribi, joining many other submarine cable systems including SAM-1, BRUSA, Monet, ACE etc. It is intended to extend network services to west coast of Africa & South America and enrich the route options from South America to Africa and Europe by connecting SAIL with SAM-1 & WACS cable systems, thus connects Sao Paulo, Djibouti, Johannesburg and Miami PoPs, thereby enhancing the end-to-end connection service capability in these regions.

With 16.2T capacity and covering 26+ submarine cable systems, China Unicom Global endeavors to build global network infrastructure and presences for “Belt and Road” Initiative countries. We aim to connect the world to innovate and share a good smart living with our customers.