With digital communication technology advancing at an exponential pace, the telecoms industry is undergoing a transformation on a scale never witnessed before. And consumers are feeling the benefit in the form of improved customer service and intelligent solutions that simplify the user experience. On the other side of the coin, the introduction of novel technologies has facilitated fast-to-market solutions that improve companies' competitiveness and leverage customer loyalty.

Given the diverse global networking environment, maintaining an intelligent and responsive enterprise network is crucial for modern companies seeking to create effective business solutions and, ultimately, improve end-user experience.

The International Telco-Services Marketplace by SDN is a dynamic new development by HGC that enables every segment of the ecosystem, including carriers, enterprises, developers and OTT customers, to access online connectivity services that can reshape their network into a reliable business-enabler. The tenets of the Marketplace extend from the simplification of XaaS (anything as a service) online purchasing, through to the provision of software-enabled, agile connectivity service activation and expansion.

The software-enabled platform allows customers to connect instantly to various public cloud platforms such as AWS Direct Connect, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, and more. By bringing traditional connectivity services away from manual operation and towards online platforms, Marketplace customers can order instant connectivity between data centres covering different Asian, European and American markets at the push of a button.

Keeping a watchful eye on industry trends is important when tailoring service provision. For example, while P2P (peer-to-peer) SMS is declining in popularity, the A2P (application-to-person) SMS market is booming, due to the proliferation of services such as one-time passwords, instant alerts, virtual assistant notifications and other time-sensitive messages. Market analysts suggest that A2P SMS is expected to display growth of 4.2% CAGR between 2017 and 2025, rising to a valuation of US$87 billion.

In response to this demand, HGC has developed API Hub, a new platform that enables efficient integration of APIs across multiple systems. The API Hub provides HGC with the capability to develop APIs for various services to best suit customers’ diverse needs. The first (of many) services riding on API Hub is A2P SMS. For companies operating A2P SMS, API facilitates easy integration of external and internal systems, resulting in high-quality SMS being delivered to end-consumers, while eliminating the need for substantial investment.

Indeed, HGC continues to prioritise its digital strategy, formulating a roadmap that boasts several such strategic products that support mobile network operators (MNOs) in their journey towards capturing the digital opportunities of the future.

With a view to improving the end-user SMS experience, HGC has also recently unveiled a new A2P SMS API on HGC API Hub, a cloud-based secure platform providing the highest levels of availability, resiliency and scalability. The A2P SMS API reduces technical complexity and enables carriers, enterprises, developers and OTTs to manage multiple messages on one platform. This also allows messages to be securely scheduled and delivered worldwide. The A2P SMS API definitions in Swagger format can be accessed via the HGC API developer portal, which further reduces the barrier to entry for new developers/customers.

Across the telecoms industry, OTT has displayed huge growth in recent years. Considering the increasing adoption of OTT in developing countries, this is a trend that looks set to continue. In response, HGC has developed a series of one-stop managed services for OTT, including a data centre, CDN (for video content customers) and robust cybersecurity featuring anti-DDoS capabilities. HGC currently has seven BDX (Big Data Exchange) data centres in place, with plans for two more this year. Through connectivity to these platforms, OTT providers can quickly reach target eyeballs and expand service quality through tailor-made solutions, while providing the best customer experience.

As digital technologies evolve, the importance of a holistic network infrastructure, closely informed by industry trends and able to adapt for change, has never been higher. We're proud of the sophisticated developments made by the International Telco-Services Marketplace, and look forward to witnessing the benefits it will bring to companies and end-customers throughout the ecosystem.

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