What impact will industry changes (you describe the industry change) have on digital transformation plans within organizations?
The growth of toll-free texting will change not only how businesses communicate with their customers, but how they approach the overall engagement of customers, requiring them to build in processes and people power to automate responses where appropriate, but also to take a more hands-on approach when needed. This will lead to cost savings as well as customer experience improvements in the long run, but will inevitably bring challenges in the short term as businesses struggle to adopt and integrate this new tech into their processes.

Are you seeing Artificial Intelligence and/or Machine Learning deployed (or planning to deploy) in your business - and how?
AI has begun to permeate so many aspects of our lives - from movie recommendations to self-driving cars and even medical screening, and communications is no different. At Bandwidth, we have always prided ourselves on enabling business to integrate communication services into their cutting edge applications and platforms. So while we work with some of the leading AI driven Personal Assistants and other cutting edge applications, we are beginning to leverage Machine Learning on our end to identify network incidents and fraud - helping to build a stronger and more performant network for our customers.

What broad trends do you see in telecoms in the next 12 months?
An increased focus on improving the customer experience. This manifests itself in a rethinking of how IVRs and Call Centers work and, in general, how companies interact with their customers. We expect increased focus on voice quality as well as innovative improvements like texting integration - both A2P and P2P.

What are new developments and initiatives that are exciting for your company in 2018?
We’re very excited about our investments in Toll-Free - we’ve launched our A2P messaging product that enables companies to get the best quality and value, while unifying voice and messaging for business under one toll-free number.

Adam Covati is the head of the Bandwidth Communications Platform, including strategic direction and development of Bandwidth's Voice, Messaging, 9-1-1, and Number Management APIs. Adam is a seasoned product leader - he was Founder & CTO (later CEO) of Argyle Social, a social marketing software company, which he sold to Teradata and was subsequently rebranded as MAPP Digital. Adam knows what it takes to grow in a smart way, understands the developer persona, and thinks outside the box. For further information, visit www.bandwidth.com.