In collaboration with the Global Leaders Forum, AT&T has taken a major step forward in our drive towards frictionless commerce, leading the way across the industry.

Now is our window of opportunity to build the foundation of frictionless commerce. Our colleagues in our respective network and product organizations have started their journey down network interoperability via investments in Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization.

International Telecoms Week (ITW)

Standardized APIs for business applications interoperability are a fundamental step to leveraging the capabilities of SDN and VNFs. Automating quoting, ordering, service ticketing, billing and other key business functions is essential to realize the capabilities of the underlying technology. The network ecosystem of the future demands high levels of automation and to deliver that economically requires standardization. As an industry we can achieve cycle time improvement and operational savings, directly benefiting our end customers’ business. Businesses looking to provide a seamless connected environment for their customers can benefit greatly from a unified industry ecosystem that’s focused on interoperability.

Having worked with MEF and other key industry players through 2018 to define the Sonata LSO API standards, we led the way with the first production implementation. AT&T and Colt recently announced the production release of 5 APIs automating commerce between the two companies— Address Validation, Site Inventory Retrieval, Service Availability, Quote and Order, moving from emails/proprietary websites to frictionless on demand commerce.

We call upon and welcome our collaborators across the global telecoms industry to join the journey and to take real steps forward to drive the implementation of the Sonata APIs, inter-connecting both existing providers and new providers in an agile way.