Swipe, tap and go! With the development of Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier Inflight App, that’s all that’s needed for passengers to connect to onboard Wi-Fi. This might sound like a minor accomplishment, but actually, the process of logging on has been one of the major obstacles to buying in-flight connectivity. And one that causes airlines to lose out on potential earnings as well as brand enhancement.

Soon, air travelers will be able to get online easily, even before they enter the airplane. No more struggling to search for a credit card while buckled into a seat in a tightly packed cabin. With pre-stored credentials and accounts, flight vouchers can be bought in advance of the trip. If that’s been forgotten in the hectic hours before take-off, all that’s needed is a quick ‘one-click’ during the flight.

Our white-labeled Inflight App provides benefits to airlines too. It increases usage, which in turn means higher revenue, and it boosts loyalty. Because studies have shown that today’s internet savvy passenger not only wants, but expects to be easily connected whenever they desire and wherever they are. Luckily, our solution is simple for airlines to integrate into their existing apps. And as long as Deutsche Telekom is the IPSP, it works across fleets and providers.

In addition to making connectivity easier, the Inflight App will allow airlines to get in touch with their passengers before they fly. That can be done by offering discounts to specific passenger groups, or with marketing actions that can entice them to buy vouchers. At the same time, travelers will be conscious of the airline brand that makes it easy for them to stay connected. 

The International Air Transport Association has forecasted that air travel will double in 20 years. With that knowledge, airlines are smart to modernize their fleets and get ready for more passengers who will demand swift online processes. Deutsche Telekom is one of the only telcos providing in-flight internet service, with years of experience and knowledge about what customers and airlines expect. That’s why our Inflight App was created: to simplify connectivity while driving monetization. 

The Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier Inflight App is moreover a ‘cool’ innovation. That was proven when it won the APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Association) Cool Award at the APEX Expo in Boston last year. Attendees as well as other exhibitors voted for the coolest passenger experience innovation to be seen during the show. The Inflight App won out over many other exciting airline solutions, highlighting how much the industry had been missing just such a service.

International Telecoms Week (ITW)