Material handling includes:

  • Unloading your materials
  • Storing for up to 30 days at the Advance Warehouse (if applicable)
  • Delivering to your booth/room
  • Handling empty containers to and from storage
  • Removing material from the booth/room for reloading onto outbound carriers when the event ends

This does not include the cost to transport your materials to and from the event. However, Freeman can also provide this service. You must place a material handling order with Freeman or your items cannot be delivered. 

If you do not place a material handling order in advance then your items will not be released until a representative from your company has visited the Freeman service desk to arrange payment. This may also result in a delay indelivering to your location as pre-paid deliveries will beprioritised.For full information, including FAQs, a Material Handlingestimator tool, advice, shipping labels, order forms andmore, please go to the Shipping Services & MaterialHandling sections of the Freeman ITW website CLICK HERE. You may need to register first.

Don’t forget: However you choose to ship your items, make sure you know these details, and give the information to whoever is coming to ITW:

  • Number of packages
  • Contents
  • Approximate size/weight
  • Shipping company
  • Tracking number
  • Where it was sent: Advance Warehouse/ Direct to venue/ Hotel package rooms

Having this information to hand will mean they know where your shipment should be and who they need to speak to if needs be.