The Hyatt Regency is a Union hotel and as such is bound by Union regulations. This means that there are limitations to what exhibitors may do when setting up or dismantling their booths without employing Union labour. Please read the UNION RULES AND REGULATIONS carefully to determine your needs as you may be required by law to employ Union labour. ITW strongly advise that exhibitors adhere to these regulations and accept no liability for any failure to do so. Please note: if you have ordered a booth from Freeman the labour charges will have been included in your quote.

Union regulations aside, you may simply wish to hire someone to assist in setting up your booth, either working alongside your team or in your absence due to your travel schedule. Freeman can provide supervised and unsupervised labour. Please note: exhibitors who are supervising Freeman labour will need to go the Freeman Service Desk to pick up and release their worker(s).

Log into the Freeman ITW website for more information and to order.