All meeting rooms are furnished, so you do not need to order any furniture. However, Branded Meeting Room holders may wish to order additional items, such as a display case or side table, or perhaps an alternative carpet. (Please note: if you are ordering refreshments then generally a table is provided by the hotel, though we would advise confirming when you place your order)

There are ITW furniture packages available for exhibitors who require a basic table and chairs. CLICK HERE for information. Alternatively there is a wide range of sofas, chairs, stools, tables, counters and accessories. The exhibit halls are carpeted (CLICK HERE for photo) but you may wish to order different carpet for your booth area, to compliment your booth style and define your booth space, particularly if you have an island or corner booth. Freeman offer a wide range of furniture, carpets and accessories.

Log into the Freeman ITW website to view and order.