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Solutions that meet your business needs and help you to grow.

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Wherever you operate and whatever your challenges are, BT will support you turn them into opportunity. With our global reach and our broad portfolio of services we offer you the solutions:

Voice Termination - Providing you with a single global voice
Global travel and widely dispersed business locations are now a common factor within your customers’ lives. Yet supplying the worldwide mobile and voice networks they require can often be plagued by multiple contract negotiations and incompatible technologies. BT removes these hurdles, offering you a single, high-quality, cost-effective managed service to connect your customers - no matter where they are.

Global IP Exchange – Welcome to the world of IP Interconnection
Interoperability is business-critical for all communication providers.  To support this requirement, the BT IP Exchange is an interoperability service that enables fixed, mobile, legacy and next-generation networks to interconnect in a way that minimises the cost of protocol conversion. Specially developed to meet the growing need for connectivity between VoIP operators, traditional communications providers, and converged service providers, BT IP Exchange provides essential interoperability between the various communications technologies currently in use.

LTE Roam - provides standard compliant global 4G LTE roaming for mobile network operators via IP Exchange. BT LTE Roam is backed by the global reach of our highspeed and quality MPLS network across more than 190 countries world-wide offering you attractive and competitive pricing as you scale your LTE roaming to meet growing customer demand.

Wi-Fi Roam - BT Wi-fi Roam provides global wi-fi roaming for the end users of mobile network operators and other customers via IP Exchange. Even with our available technology, international roaming still faces huge challenges for the end user, the mobile operators and for wi-fi providers alike. To address the wi-fi roaming challenges effectively and efficiently for you BT offers automatic wi-fi international roaming services to end users and mobile network operators over a BT roaming hub.

Data Services from BT, e.g. Private Line Connect Global - Connecting globally dispersed locations through an effective network is a vital necessity for many organisations. Coordinating the security, technology and costs involved can, however, feel like trying to solve an incomplete jigsaw puzzle. To save time and resources, we’ve teamed up with specialist service providers from around the world. We offer a global, BT managed service that completes the picture quickly and effectively, regardless of geography.

Security - Robust products to build a sustainable business with added security and resilience. For more information on current security topics please check our BT Security Blog.

Unified Communications – with our Conferencing and Collaboration services we help you enhance your portfolio to address new enterprise customer segments. 

Talk to us today and we will help you succeed in your markets. Visit www.bt.com/globaltelecom or meet us at ITW to start the conversation. Or send us an email to lets.talk.gtm@bt.com.

We wish you a very successful International Telecoms Week 2017!

Your BT team.