A meeting room at ITW provides a private space to host high level meetings with both existing and new customers. These rooms range in size depending on your company’s needs from individual standard rooms to suites with multiple meeting areas, but all provide a 5’ round meeting table and 10 chairs as minimum.


Branded Meeting Rooms are purpose built to offer a private space to host meetings. These rooms vary in size depending on your company’s requirements and all offer a number of branded panels providing the opportunity to display your company logo and graphics to increase your visibility at ITW.


Bilateral tables are 6ft x 2ft meeting tables, situated on the Gold and Purple Levels of the Hyatt Regency East Tower, amongst the exhibition and branded meeting rooms, and on the Bronze Level of the Swiss Tower. Companies use these tables to conduct their business meetings throughout the event. Premium tables are also available to further increase your companies visibility. CLICK HERE to read more about what is included.