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Why TMT ID? With one API connection to the world’s mobile telecommunications companies, TMT ID gives you: - The fastest response times – check mobile numbers in milliseconds; - Scalability – we can process millions of customers every second; - The widest coverage – live information and intelligence for every mobile number on the planet. Safer Customer Mobile Onboarding Identify real customers and eliminate fake accounts. Frictionless Mobile Number Intelligence™ In Action Fastest response times - check mobile numbers in milliseconds. Global Coverage Information on every mobile number on the planet. Identify Real Customers Seamlessly. Our range of mobile number intelligence products allows you access to live global mobile data - so you can instantly validate new and existing customers while weeding out fakes Verify Mobile Identity Verification - Velocity Identify The Mobile Network of Users in Milliseconds - Authenticate Frictionless Customer Device Authentication - Live Real Time Number Validation and Active User Status - Score Real Time Phone Number Credibility Score - TeleShield™ Prevent Telephony Fraud Globally - We are passionate about all things mobile At TMT ID we are unashamedly proud of our expertise in everything mobile. Mobile data, mobile networks and mobile devices. We use this knowledge every day to secure and improve the digital world, establishing trust and improving engagement between businesses and their customers. Our Big Difference We love the fact that we provide the most accurate and trusted mobile data globally, with the widest coverage, fastest response times and the best service in the market today. Our customers use us to help them identify and verify their mobile customers through our global access via a single API to the leading telecommunication companies. Our Story We started out as TMT Analysis back in 2017. That’s when our co-founders shared a common belief: that the mobile phone was quickly becoming king and would be central to confirming identity and verifying digital trust. Phones are always with us, and many of us have had the same mobile number for years. In 2023 we acquired mobile identity company, Phronesis Technologies, and merged the two businesses. Our goal has always been to be the most trusted provider of mobile number and device intelligence globally. Our 2024 rebrand as TMT ID is a key part of this journey, putting identity at the heart of the TMT brand. Trusted mobile data. Frictionless digital identity In just a few short years TMT Analysis has grown into a leading provider of global mobile intelligence to banks and financial services, social networking companies, e-commerce sites, insurance, technology and gaming organisations around the world.

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