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Qarbon is creating the world's first SaaS-based orchestration platform for secure, seamless integration of data center infrastructure and customers' existing business applications. It unlocks data contained in a multitude of data center infrastructure systems and seamlessly integrates it with customer's business applications like ServiceNow and Salesforce. Qarbon's first product, Qarbon LATTICE™, provides customers with a single, ubiquitous interface between their data centers and their business systems, eliminating the current complexity, friction, cost, security, and observability issues caused by existing manual workflows and enabling secure, plug-and-play workflow automation. Qarbon enables the true digital transformation of data centers, from real estate to technology platforms ready for infrastructure-as-code, by creating the world’s first open, neutral, standards-based orchestration platform for data centers and their customers. Whether to reduce energy costs, increase operating efficiency, track inventory, comply with ESG reporting, or anything else — Qarbon is your solution for data about the data center.

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