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LANCK Telecom

Founded in 2001, LANCK Telecom is a global player in the telecommunications industry, driving the future of connectivity through exceptional quality products. We understand the value of connectedness, that’s why we help telcos and other businesses manage their communication needs. Over 1,500 telecom companies choose to partner with LANCK Telecom. As a result, we transit over 4 billion minutes and deliver over 3 billion SMS a year for our partners worldwide. Quality and safety are our top priorities. Our dedicated anti-fraud team includes 40 specialists with 9 holding PhDs in Statistics and Data Analytics. Each month, we block 60M fraudulent calls and save our 190+ partners $6M collectively. Our Voice and SMS Fraud Management System detects up to 53 million fraud attacks annually and ensures proactive detection and prevention of various voice and SMS fraud types, including Robocalls, spam, Wangiri, callbacks, Wangiri 2.0, PBX hacking, international revenue share fraud (IRSF), SMS traffic pumping (AIT), smishing, scam, SMS malware, etc., maintaining an industry-leading accuracy rate of 99.995%. We provide international roaming for mobile data, voice and SMS traffic covering 216 countries and territories and 465 networks. Our fully customizable packages include white-labeled SIM cards, eSIM and IMSI plans to meet your specific needs. Our efforts to maintain the highest levels of service quality worldwide throughout the years brought LANCK Telecom many esteemed industry awards. Our team is proud to be part of the largest communities in our industry – GSMA, CFCA, MEF, i3forum. LANCK Telecom values community interconnections and is actively networking with leading telecommunication providers in every region of the globe. We have over 17 global points of presence with regional representatives worldwide. We regularly participate in global industry conferences and hold our own webinars and roundtables where we share our expertise and best practices with other industry players. Our solutions: Voice Termination Services LANCK Telecom, a leader in voice termination services, ensures the highest quality communication globally. With a vast network throughout 190+ countries, over 150 direct connections, and 800+ partners worldwide, we process over 4 billion minutes of voice traffic annually. Our premium voice quality is upheld through an in-house quality control system, with guaranteed 100% CLI, fax, and roaming support for all destinations. Our voice channels are protected by an AI-based anti-fraud system. Global messaging Global messaging from LANCK Telecom is a reliable and fast solution – benefit from a direct product with 100 0-hop connections, ensuring global coverage for all SMS types. Processing over 3 billion SMS annually for over 500 partners, we guarantee delivery on every network with impressive throughput and zero queuing. Our secure global messaging services include notification and authentication features. We utilize long numbers and short codes to expand our clients’ reach with support for OTT messengers and RCS. For added security, the solution can integrate with our APIs for HTTP and HTTPS. LANCK Telecom delivers quality, speed, and security for all messaging needs. Multi-Roaming and Mobile Services Experience seamless connectivity with LANCK Telecom's multi-roaming and mobile services. Covering 216+ countries and territories and 465+ networks, our solutions offer global mobile data, voice, and SMS reach through 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE), and 5G technologies. We offer tailored plans for specific needs, from worldwide coverage to Europe and CIS countries. Our mobile services incorporate advanced technologies such as SIM, eSIM, and Profiles (IMSI), guaranteeing an efficient mobile experience. Enhance communication strategy with our DID service, integrating fixed, mobile, short, and toll-free options. Business Communications Solutions LANCK Telecom optimizes enterprise communication by offering comprehensive solutions for enhanced customer engagement. Such solutions empower businesses to: Verify users through cascade authentication. Create multi-channel interactive marketing campaigns. Provide customer support, a live agent workspace, and omnichannel communications. Send notifications and messages from other integrated services. Engage with customers through SMS, RCS, email, WhatsApp, and OTT messengers, with intelligent chatbots and invaluable statistics for optimized communication strategies, all available via an intuitive dashboard.

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