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Apelby Communications

We are Apelby, a global provider of ICT and telecommunications services. We specialize in the wholesale purchase and sale of international voice traffic services, Esport & Gaming services, Data Centers, software and outsourcing services for retail customers and ICT solutions between operators. We work with more then thirty key telecommunications operators from around the world. Since our establishment in 2005, we have managed to grow in both revenue and key business products while being able to expand our presence to important regions and acquire a significant customer portfolio. Being a successful company in the wholesale voice business with a good long-term and trustworthy reputation, Apelby is keen on offering more complex and tailor-made solutions using its know-how and years of experience in outsourcing, technology and Fraud and market protection services. All this allows us to offer the most competitive international services all around the globe. We strive for excellence in quality of services provided to both retail and wholesale customers.

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