Carriers are under constant threat and attacks change daily. With the inevitable virtualisation of networks, more sophisticated DDoS attacks and a changing political climate how can today’s carriers address the challenges of tomorrow?

  • How are carriers working together to deliver more security services? And how can ensuring security provide ROI?
  • How are carriers addressing challenges of fraud?
  • In an international business what are the best processes to dealing with data sovereignty? How is the industry addressing challenges of data ownership?
  • With carriers diversifying their portfolio, to what extent has security services been integrated into their cloud and data centre offerings?
  • As DDoS attacks become more prolific, how are carriers tackling this cyber security challenge? And how are carriers working together to ensure security across the network and on each layer?
  • What role do carriers play in ensuring security in the Internet of Things? How can carriers monetise added security services?

11.45am:  Coffee & Networking

12.00pm:  Panel discussion followed by Q&A


  • Michael Wheeler

    EVP, Global IP Network,


  • Alessandro Talotta

    Chairman & CEO,
    Telecom Italia Sparkle

  • Jack Waters


  • Mike van den Bergh

    Chief Marketing Officer,
    PCCW Global

  • Pierre-Louis de Guillebon