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    With global mobile penetration standing at 98.6% and SMS being a standard feature of all mobiles, many experts predict that A2P messaging is set to grow substantially over the next couple of years. With a 98% open rate, A2P messaging is allowing for businesses to directly engage with customers and opening new opportunities for carriers.  

    • Understand recent developments in carriers’ A2P solutions and best practice for monetisation
    • How are businesses utilising this opportunity to ensure ROI on marketing investments?
    • To what extent is A2P messaging providing a competitive alternative to OTTs in places of less reliable internet?
    • To what extent has the industry overcome challenges in grey routes? And what can the industry do to negotiate perceptions that A2P messaging is an unreliable service?
    • How is the industry working together to ensure that all components of the ecosystem are delivering best practice?
    • How are carriers tailoring their security services to the new threats in A2P messaging?