Join us at 5:30pm in the Regency Ballroom foyer (East Tower, Gold Level) for the keynote drinks reception before seeing Sophia, the world’s first robot ‘citizen’, and hearing from Dr. David Hanson himself about the impact of AI and new technologies on the wholesale telecoms landscape, and the role that carriers will play.

  • How will emerging technologies transform industries and societies in the next 10 years?
  • How can we distinguish between innovations which are hype and those that will be truly transformative?
  • What advancements will be required at the network layer to support these innovations?
  • What role can carriers play in an automated digitised world?

To find out more about the Opening Keynote please click here.

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  • Adnan Nawaz

    International Broadcaster


  • David Hanson

    CEO & Founder,
    Hanson Robotics

  • Sophia

    The AI Robot