Traditional NSP architectures are built around the core. Business and network intelligence are placed in the core, which provides connectivity to the edge. This legacy architecture scales predictably, but slowly, extending time to market and risking the NSP ability to capture new market opportunities.

In addition, application needs are shifting, requiring more bandwidth, lower latency and ubiquitous availability to deliver on the modern experience referred to as “as-a-service”. This is pushing NSPs to evolve their network platforms to enable digital business at the metro edge. Analysts predict dramatic growth in SD-WAN and NFV services revenue to solve the above challenges.

• What new products and services are coming?
• What are the technical challenges to realizing an SD-WAN and NFV future?
• What’s the business case for a service provider to make large investments in a technology?
• What options exists in the market, both in terms of the available technology and the services offered?
• What potential ecosystems are developing to meet the needs of digital?


  • Courtney Munroe

    Group VP,


  • Christopher Pickard

    North American Business Development Leader,

  • Jim Poole

    VP, Business Development,

  • Mike Frane

    VP of Product Management,
    Windstream Communications

  • Tony Fallows

    VP of Sales,
    Versa Networks