This session will explore evolving infrastructure deployment models being adopted to stay ahead on the continent in this digital age, it will provide insights into changing data traffic trajectories and comparisons to other markets internationally.

Working with MNOs:
•    What are the implications of mobile broadband access for African consumers and how well prepared are MNOs on the continent to support the data surge?
•    Outside of delivering OTT content to MNOs, what other services should carriers be exploring?

New areas of investment:
•    As OTT providers become more invested in the region, how can carriers make the most of the inevitable data boom? What impact will this have on the carrier and MNO relationship?
•    What role are carriers playing in the acceleration of 4G LTE rollout? 5G? Deploying data centers on the continent? Are solutions to support hyper-connectivity being deployed in African markets?
•    What are the new areas that carriers should be looking at in terms of network investment? 
•    Is there sufficient value addition in applications like Mobile money and Fin tech, Smart cities and IOT, or even video distribution, to fund the infrastructure build that is required on the continent?

M&A update:
•    What is the likely impact of recent M&A activity and consolidation in the market?

8.30am:  Networking Breakfast

9.15am:  Analyst Insight

9.30am:  Panel Discussion followed by Q&A


  • Artur Mendes

    Angola Cables

  • Chris George

    Strategic Initiatives,

  • Chris Wood

    Chief Executive Officer,

  • Funke Opeke

    Main One Cable Company Limited ("MainOne")

  • Nic Rudnick

    Liquid Telecommunications Ltd.

  • Uche Ofodile

    Regional Head Africa - Express Wi-Fi,